Are you Spiritually alive?

characteristics of spiritually dead churches

The most transformative book I’ve read about the role of a pastor is Bill Easum’s A Second Resurrection.  The premise of the book is that most of the American church is spiritually dead.   Of course, the people are the church.  So Easum begins with the argument that most people in most churches are spiritually dead.

The good news, if you buy into this, is that in his 20 years as a consultant for over 600 churches that every church has at least a few who are spiritually focused, enthused, and on fire no matter how complacent those around them have become.

Easum says the key to being a pastor who can help resurrect the church in this generation is to cease being hospice chaplains to spiritually dead congregants.  Instead, pastors  must become modern-day apostles of Jesus Christ and tap into those few who are alive, and those who long for a spiritual turnaround.  And many of those who have grown too comfortable with their own spiritual death will hit the exits.

Easum says pastors must rely on the power of Christ to resurrect the church or get out of Dodge.  He says the one thing a pastor must not do is to continue to go along with a spiritually dead church.  He claims that is the problem with most clergy in established denominations. They have handled dead people for so long they have become spiritually dead and are content with being funeral directors.  I choose to rely on the power of Christ.

And whether you agree or disagree, perhaps this will help you better understand where I’m coming from and why I’m at peace.





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  1. Sandy says:

    Amen to that!

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