Why compromise will never work

Yesterday Chick-fil-A announced they will no longer donate to any groups that promote traditional marriage.  Yesterday, CNN made it clear that one’s view on marriage is what defines you when their headline labeled the Salvation Army as nothing but an “anti-LGBTQ organization.”  It does not matter if you provide meals, clothing, and/or shelter to needy and homeless LGBTQ people.  No, all that matters is whether you condone gay marriage (or sex outside of marriage that must be the case with the B-bisexual part of the LGBTQ that nobody ever talks about, because how can you be happy and faithful in marriage if you are bisexual?)  The bisexual issue will be the issue later.  Right now, the issue is getting everyone, including Christian organizations, Christian businesses, and the entirety of the church to affirm gay marriage.  It is not enough to permit it, it must be affirmed.  The next mountain to be conquered will be marriage itself.  That one may actually come much easier.  Society has, in reality, already acquiesced on that one.  And the part of the American church, the majority of the church, that has caved on gay marriage will come along quickly and quietly as the masses make the argument that marriage itself is an injustice.

Chick-fil-A has every right to donate to whomever they wish, or to whomever their bullies wish.  The next move against Chick-fil-A will be to insist they they make recompense to the LGBTQ community for the “harm” they have done over the years, by donating to LGBTQ causes.  Does anyone doubt this?  That is the nature of the beast.  The whole thing is never ending.

This is precisely why compromise in the church on the issue of marriage will never work for me.  It will not be enough to allow gay marriage, eventually it must be affirmed.  The United Methodist Church thought they were meeting in 2019 to agree on a unifying way forward on the issue of gay marriage in the UMC.  What they discovered was there is no way forward together.  It was nearly a 50/50 split.  Those who believe God created man and woman for each other know that simply allowing gay marriage is not the end.  The next move would be to force those clergy and churches who have reluctantly agreed to permit it to eventually perform it.  This is why compromise will not work.

I realize speaking on behalf of traditional, Biblical marriage is a no win situation in the world of social media.  If I were trying to win in the world of social media I would not write today’s blog post.  Even in the UMC, where the official stance is fidelity in heterosexual marriage, it is dangerous for clergy to proclaim it due to the fact that most of the American bishops are progressive and do not support it.  I will go as far as to say one day down the road, the social media giants will remove this very blog post for violating their “new” updated hate speech policy concerning any post promoting traditional marriage.  In spite of all that, my reason for writing today’s post is to explain why I, as a pastor, cannot compromise on the marriage issue.  I am assuming that there are others who feel this way as well.  My hope is I have put their beliefs to words to try and help those who see us as “anti-LGBTQ” to understand where we are coming from.  I believe the Bible teaches we are all immoral at heart, sexually and otherwise, and God’s plan for us to be sexually and intimately fulfilled is in heterosexual marriage.

The United Methodist Church is going to have to get the chaos that is the current UMC figured out.  At the General Conference in May of 2020, I pray they are fair and gracious to those who cannot abide by whatever teaching is decided.  I pray those who cannot abide by the decision of GC will show integrity and honor and peacefully part to follow their beliefs with a blessing, and not depart empty handed.  I know that for the sake of the mission of the church to focus on making disciples, something in the UMC has to change.  I pray this not having a clue how things are going to go.  And I pray this knowing those of us who hold fast to the belief that God calls us to heterosexual marriage will still be vilified, even as we proclaim the love shown through the cross of Christ that offers forgiveness when we turn our lives over to Him.

“When He [God] talks of their losing their selves, He means only abandoning the clamour of self-will; once they have done that, He really gives them back all their personality, and boasts (I am afraid, sincerely) that when they are wholly His they will be more themselves than ever.” ― C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters





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1 Response to Why compromise will never work

  1. Dennis Mickey says:

    Excellent Post Scott. I wish people could see behind the agenda’s many of these groups have. It’s all about power and promotion of their lifestyle.

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