My best New Year’s advice

My favorite part of Facebook is the memories page. It’s the first thing I check when I get on Facebook. It’s a primary reason that I post many things. On this day in 2014 Diane took me to the Christmas show at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. That was right after her sister died. In 2015 I was on a mission trip in Andrews, South Carolina. In 2016 we were at home in Short Gap and I made Diane cruellers (fried dough) from her mom’s old recipe. Two years ago we were fairly early in Covid and only days earlier we held our Christmas Eve service in the church parking lot.

The situation at that time led me to write that while we must remember that God is good even in hard times, we are still not to set up camp in the valleys of life. Instead we keep moving through the valleys. It is unhealthy both emotionally and spiritually to dwell on the difficult and undesirable events in life. All the memories from this day, and from every day, help me to put life in perspective.

So as we end 2022 and begin 2023, and as people are making New Year’s resolutions, consider this advice: when problems arise, and they will, talk to God, turn it over to God, and trust God. Once things are in His hands, we must allow ourselves to move through the valley. The famous Psalm says, “I walk through the valley of the shadow…” Keep walking. Keep talking to friends. Keep going to church. Go get your hair done. Take a purposeful shower symbolically “washing off the past.”The only way the enemy wins if we let a bad day or a tragic loss define us. God is there for us and will use the dark times for good if we will allow Him.

Talk to God. Turn it over to God. Trust God. Keep your feet moving until God brings you out of the valley. And He will. Whatever you do, do not set up camp in the valley.

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