Act your age

“Act your age” is a phrase we’ve heard over and over.  Sometimes we’ve said it and undoubtedly most of us have had it spoken to us.  Sometimes we need to hear it.

What made me think about that phrase this morning was a post on Facebook of a friend of a friend.  A young man who works at Lowe’s wrote this:

After being obnoxiously yelled at by a customer today for their own stupidity, all I could do was grin and tell them in my mind that, ‘If I wasn’t being watched by ninjas, I would throw a pickle at you.’

I’m not going where you think I’m going.  I’m not saying the young man who posted this should act his age.  I love his thinking.  Sometimes when you deal with people like that, all you can do is laugh.

We, who claim to be redeemed by Jesus, have to remember to “Act our age” in Christ.  As we grow more mature in Christ, we often need to be the ‘bigger’ person.  And it’s not because of our own ability or because the other person is right.  It’s because Jesus places His Spirit within us.  Sometimes that Spirit gives us thoughts to make us smile inside as a way to deal with those who are obviously hurting in some way and lashing out – those who don’t have the relationship with Jesus that Jesus wants to have with them.  When we have a close relationship with Jesus, we can smile inside no matter what.  And sometimes that may mean thinking of ninjas and pickles.

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