What is God doing? Be a part of it!

I’ve heard pastors talk about the idea of being a part of what God is blessing.  I always thought I understood what they meant, but after thinking about Elijah and the prophets of Baal in the terms of ‘what God is blessing’, I think I understand it better. If you don’t know the story, I found a cute video that reads the Scripture and tells the story – I’ll put it at the end of the blog.

Anyhow, I recently read that it wasn’t Elijah’s idea to challenge the prophets on the mountain.  It wasn’t Elijah’s idea to pour water on what God was going to burn up.  Elijah was just where God told him to go and did what God told him to do and God took care of the blessing by burning up the sacrifice and humiliating Baal’s 400 prophets.  God knew what the plan was.  It was His idea, not Elijah’s.  God used Elijah to carry out God’s plan, even though God could have used anyone.  God allowed Elijah to be a part of what God was blessing.  To me, that really sums up the idea of being a part of what God is blessing.  Are we an active part?  Absolutely.  But we deserve no credit for the results.  Elijah knew what God was going to do and Elijah just followed along.

DSCN1031That’s how I feel about what is going on here at Wesley Chapel.  I know God has a plan.  And most of the people in the church know God has a plan.  And the church is trying their best to follow along with what God is getting ready to bless.  In a way, our own Rodney Knotts is a modern day Elijah.  At last week’s meeting he said we needed to add parking.  Today Rodney is in the yard turning it into an extra parking lot believing what God is going to do.  God has plans to fill it up.  Rodney said we’d be able to pave it in a year.  And the thing we must all remember is that even though Rodney is making it, he can’t fill it with cars.  And I certainly can’t fill it with cars.  God can…  And Rodney believes (and many in the church believe) God will.  Even though it won’t be as awesome as seeing fire come down and burn up a sacrifice, it will still be pretty awesome when God acts.  Where can you see God ready to bless?  Get with it and be a part of it before He has to use someone else.

In case you don’t know the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal –  you can watch the Scripture in this cute video:






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