Shark Teeth are right there

Yesterday I found a shark tooth at Myrtle Beach.  That’s not big news to the Decker family who is vacationing a couple hours north of us.  They posted on Facebook that they have found hundreds in the last few days.  Mine was truly the first shark tooth I ever found.  Only because I’ve never really looked before.  
The amazing thing is that there must be millions of shark teeth along the beaches waiting to be found, but they are all mixed in with sand and broken shells.  You only find them when you seek them. And very few people actually look for them. The Deckers didn’t just happen upon 500 shark teeth. They sought them.  They also sorted through a lot of things that looked like they might be shark teeth, but were not.
The Good News of Jesus Christ is a little like the shark teeth.  It’s right there waiting for those who seek it.  In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul says “That the Good News, the message you heard from me, is God’s way to save you.”  The problem is it’s mixed all in with a bunch of proverbial “sand and broken shells” within our world.  It’s easily overlooked and/or confused.  You not only have to seek, but also sort through a lot of worthless misinformation.  Islam will not save you. Love, as great as it is, will not save you.  

You are saved by confessing your sins to the One who shed His blood on the cross to pay for them, and by believing that He rose from the dead.  And pastors and others do not proclaim you saved.  God does. 

The Good News, like shark teeth at the beach, is right there, but oh so easily missed. 





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