Discarding the shell – A new life in Christ

This morning walking over to the church I saw the remains of an egg from which a bird has surely hatched.  As soon as I saw it I knew that God had something of which to remind/teach you and me.  Last night at our Wednesday night church I talked about “Awakened Souls”, using the Road to Emmaus from Luke 24:13-35.  This is a continuation of the theme of awakened souls.

In the Bible, anyone who had an experience with Jesus had two choices.  They could become His follower and find their soul awakened or they could turn him down and remain the same person they were, sleepwalking through life.  It’s pretty much still the same two choices.  When we become His follower it does not mean we go with Him.  It means He goes with us.  And we become a new creation.  And then, if we have truly chosen to become His follower, He will help us understand the Bible and help us live a life for Him.

We need to take that bird’s cue.  That bird has discarded the egg.  The bird is never going to crawl back in it.  As a matter of fact, that bird grows so quickly that in a couple of weeks it would look pretty foolish attempting to get back in that egg shell.  Perhaps the reason so many Christians revert to the flesh and their old selves (or never really leave it) is because they are not outgrowing their shell, making it too tempting and easy to crawl back in it.  And if they (you) are not growing in Christ, it would seem they have to ask themselves if they fooled themselves into believing they chose to follow, but they really turned Him down and chose to remain the same person they were.







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