You’ve Been Warned

Better get your bread, milk, and eggs, and do not wait until Monday.  Route 28 Discount Store will be closed on Monday and Walmart will be chaos.  Grady’s One Stop in Fort Ashby will be open and people will surely be stocking up.  The Short Gap Volunteer Fire Company will have the chains on their emergency vehicles.  The people of Wesley Chapel UMC might decide to move their egg making from Tuesday and Wednesday to one big day on Monday next week.  You guessed it.  Short Gap Snowmageddon 2018.  We have avoided the last couple of big dumps that impacted the northeast.  This forecast is no robin snow, defined as the first light snow after the robins come back, but a heart attack snow, a deep, wet snow that causes heart attacks in people who shovel.  We have been warned.  You have been warned.

We can do nothing and hope the forecast is wrong.  Or we can prepare.  As the time gets closer, and the forecast is still a foot of snow, it would be absurd to go on as if nothing was going to happen.  There is a forecast in the Bible that people treat with indifference.  The Bible tells us that Jesus is coming back and He is going to judge the world. On the one hand, He will receive unto Himself those who have accepted and received His offer of forgiveness and reconciliation with the God who created us.  On the other hand, He will cast into the lake of fire those who have not accepted the truth of the Bible and taken Him up on His offer to forgive us through His sacrifice.

I understand being skeptical.  I am a skeptic.  But I have chosen to believe there was a man named Jesus, that He was the Son of God, and that He came to die on the cross as a sacrifice for my sin.  And through His grace I am forgiven.  I have chosen to follow Him and lay down my life for Him as an offering of gratitude.  I believe the forecast is true.  What do you believe?  Are you prepared?





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