Perhaps my best blog post ever

I wanted to title today’s blog “Homosexual High School Football Player has an Abortion”.  That way 1,000 people would read it, because when I blog about those three topics individually, the number of people who read my blog spikes.  It’s not uncommon to have 500 people read a blog post when I blog about homosexuality, high school football, or abortion.  And I’m not criticizing you.  We’re all captivated and click on things based on headlines.  The only reason I care at all today how many people read it is that I feel like this is a blog that will be helpful to every Christian (including me) and is a message directly from God.

This morning there is a scrapbook party here at the church.  I wasn’t here when the first few faithful scrapbookers arrived, but by 8:30 I was helping the women carry in their IMG_2739supplies (many of them on a cart we keep here at the church).  In case you aren’t aware, some of them have a full trunk load of supplies.  One of the women said, “Thank you. You are always so kind when I come here.” I said, “You’re welcome. It’s my job as a Christian.”  I meant that sincerely.

Then as I was taking the cart back to leave it by the door for the next carload, I started thinking about that cart.  It’s really a dolly that has been transformed into a cart.  And in just the past couple of weeks it has been used to:

  • bring in egg supplies for the UMW’s annual egg making fundraiser
  • bring in food to pass out at our food pantry
  • take out crock pots full of food to a waiting car headed to feed people at the mission
  • bring in scrapbook supplies for a fundraiser that will benefit our backpack program that sends food home with 49 local students every weekend
  • take out the 49 bags of food to go to Frankfort Middle and Wiley Ford Elem. students

Isn’t that amazing?  I can’t imagine over the years all that the cart has done for the Lord.  And it does it without expectation.  It does it without needing recognition.  It doesn’t care if it gets appreciated.  It doesn’t complain.  It doesn’t need a thank you.  It never asks, “What’s in it for me?”  It doesn’t need its name on a plaque in the church.  It simply does what it was designed to do.

And God let me know that I am to be more like that cart.  And if you call Jesus your Savior, you are to be like that cart, too.  And it’s often difficult.  Our humanness craves recognition and appreciation.  I’m guilty myself.  But today He reminds us that we are to do what we do for Him.  And when we do receive thanks and recognition from others, we humbly tell them that we simply want to glorify Jesus.  Amen, Amen, Amen.




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1 Response to Perhaps my best blog post ever

  1. kim hershberger(mrs steve says:

    very well put scott! great reminder

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