A place prepared for you

spcharlestonI know a brother in Christ who is trying to decide what God would have him do next, what God would even have him do today.  I want the brother to join us in Andrews, SC next week, but I cannot tell you for sure that God wants him to.  This morning when he sent word to me that he was waiting for God to tell him what to do next, I sort of envied him.  I already knew what God would have me do next.  God would have me put the ham in the crock pots.  And I did it.  And after the ham went on, God had me doing personal devotions, including praying for guidance for that brother in Christ.

Now God has me working on my blog.  And I expect He will have me preparing scalloped potatoes and vegetables this afternoon for dinner.  And this evening at 5:30, God will likely have me saying grace for the food that 50-70 people will be coming to the church to share company over.  At 6:15, in all likelihood, God will have me present a 30 minute devotion and at 7:00 I predict He will have me participating in a prayer walk at the local high school & middle school.  And He will have me laying my head down tonight believing I did my best today to follow Him.  And it’s a reminder that following Him is sometimes living a completely typical day, doing what we always do.  For you with youngsters, I’m with you.  Sometimes I envy others who seem to be doing more exciting things for Jesus, yet I must be content with the plans He has for me in this season of life, even as I hunger and thirst for more of Him.  Every season is temporary, yet necessary to prepare you for the next.

In my devotion time this morning, I was led to John 14:2.  Jesus says, “I go to prepare a place for you.”  Thomas says, where is it?  We we don’t know where you’re going and we don’t know the way.  And Jesus says “I am the way”.  And in my Bible, next to that Scripture I wrote, “Prepared places for prepared hearts.”  While Jesus was talking about heaven, I also believe He was talking about today.  He has been preparing my heart and your heart for the place we are today.

Last night I told Diane we could never have imagined 30 years ago when we said our wedding vows that we would be spending the evening of our 30th wedding anniversary on a hill in Short Gap, WV, a place we’d never heard of, taking part in a prayer walk for the local schools.  Yet 30 years ago, the Spirit of God was already waiting for us on that hill.  He had a prepared place for our prepared hearts.  So whatever God’s plans for you and for me today, however exciting or mundane, unknown or predictable, we carry out our tasks believing He has been waiting for us to get here and is with us.  And we know and believe with all our hearts that His purposes for us today are preparing our hearts for the places He has prepared for us in the future.







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