Holding on tightly to nothing

I have this handle on my desk from a dehumidifier.  The dehumidifier bucket (full of water) cracked when it crashed to the floor because the handle let loose.  I fixed the bucket with gorilla glue.  I took the handle off so nobody would be tempted to empty the bucket by picking it up by the handle.  The handle is not reliable.  The handle has been on my desk in my office for a few weeks.  It is a worthless handle.

But today, it reminded me of all the things in this world we cling so tightly to that are really meaningless through the lens of eternity.  Look at your checkbook or bank statement.  Look where your time is spent.  How much of what we feel is so important is really not that important?  Regarding possessions, I remember hearing one time that everything we own is the stuff of future garage sales and trash dumps.  But we cling to so much more than possessions.  Search your feelings for anger or resentment or unforgiveness?  Search your feelings for the need to be who you are not just for approval.  We will never be who God saved us to be if we cling to things other than Him.

What do you cling to?  What are you hanging on to?  What do you need to let go of?  Who do you need to forgive?  And I do not mean for their benefit, but for yours.  Don’t get to the end of your life and realize you have been holding on to the wrong handle.





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3 Responses to Holding on tightly to nothing

  1. Your post reminds me of 2 Corinthians 4:18 (my second favorite Bible verse) “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” I like the wording of ‘fix’ instead of ‘look towards’ because it conveys that sense of holding on to Heaven and its meaning for us on Earth. Very good post, thought provoking.

    • What’s your favorite?

      • Luke 12:48, the Living Translation, “But anyone who is not aware that he is doing wrong will be punished only lightly. Much is required from those to whom much is given, for their responsibility is greater.” I read it every day before lunch at my locker as a reminder of my responsibility. What is your favorite verse?

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