The big fish that swallowed me up

I was talking with some friends last night.  One of them was paying the other a compliment when they said, “I was Jonah and you were the big fish.”  Say what?  They explained that they were on the run and their friend swallowed them up, would not let them go, and eventually led them in to the presence of Jesus.  That one was a new one to me, and I am guessing it also is to you.  I read a book once called One Month to Live by Kerry Shook.  I found it to be boring and full of well worn cliches.  If Shook had come up with “I was Jonah and my friend was the big fish that swallowed me up”, I would have been impressed.

We rarely think about this in the story of Jonah and the big fish (or whale, if you prefer), but God used the belly of the great fish to save Jonah.  Jonah was on his way to a certain death at the bottom of the sea.  But God…  God kept Jonah safe in the belly of the great fish until Jonah saw things God’s way.

I use this illustration to remind you that God is always doing the unexpected.  God brings hope our of despair and life out of death.  Whatever it is that you are going through that you would consider a trial or tribulation, just wait.  I can nearly guarantee you that one day you will be able to look back on it and look at it as time in the belly of the whale.  It is far from what you want, but exactly what you need to draw closer to God.





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