Feral Cats (and people)

Diane and I know a couple, Greg and Sheri Anderson, at Lakewood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach who has been trapping feral (untamed) cats in the campground. They, along with a non-profit, primarily provide them with surgeries (so they will not continue to have kittens) and release them back into the campground. As I understand it, the cats are a benefit as they tend to keep the rodent/snake population under control. However, sometimes they have cats that are too young to have the surgery, who have a chance of being tamed and becoming a pet. They have been asking people on Facebook to consider adopting these younger cats. In the last week or so I have noticed that they have been posting pictures and videos of their new cat, “Sails”. They are trying to get Sails tamed and are putting up with many scratches in the process. I am praying it works out, but as my faithful readers know, this is not a blog post about adopting a cat.

There is this old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do”. That is NOT what the Andersons are doing. There is another saying, “Put your money where your mouth is”. That IS what they are doing. They are not only asking others to consider adopting a cat, they themselves have adopted a cat. Their desire is to make Sails an inside cat, but Sails will decide that.

Sometimes as followers of Jesus we too casually rely on the “I’m not perfect, just forgiven” mantra, basically using the “Do as the Bible says, not as I do” testimony. That is not to be our witness. Are we forgiven in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross? Absolutely. But our goal is always to live lives that are evidence of being changed. The Apostle Paul said on the one hand, “Why do I keep doing these things I know I should not do”, and at the same time putting himself out there as a Christian example when he said, “Follow me as I follow Jesus”.

When I began today, I thought the neatly tied bow on today’s blog was going to be the Anderson’s leading by example. As it turns out, there is another point. Did you already get it? Here it is: I was once Sails. We all were: Living however we wished, doing what seems right in our own eyes to survive – scratching, clawing, attacking, protecting, etc. until love showed up in the form of the Holy Spirit revealing Jesus Christ to us. We were justified (forgiven and fit for heaven) the moment we received Jesus as our Savior. Then, day by day, until the day we die, we are being sanctified (made to look more like Jesus). I pray Sails keeps a little of that spunk, but quits attacking the ones from whom the love flows.

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