And then the unexpected happened

You’ve surely seen the same things I’ve seen on the internet.

  • “Group starts to sing and then THIS happens…”
  • “Reporter doesn’t see this coming…”
  • “Boy asks girl out and you won’t believe what happens next…”

This method of “the rest of the story” often piques our curiosity making us click.  It’s called “click bait”.  It’s the same philosophy as the television news advertising that “There’s something in your cabinet that may kill you, tune in at 11.”  If it were that important, why do they not just tell you right then?

In the book of Acts we read that soon after Jesus’ resurrection the disciples received the Holy Spirit and Peter began to preach to the people who killed Jesus:

Peter:  Let me be honest.  This Jesus, whom God has made both Lord and Messiah, was put to death by evil men because you clamoured for them to do it.  Therefore, you are guilty of killing God’s chosen one.

People:  Oh no, what do we do?

And then the unexpected happened……..  Click here to find out.

Most of you know what happened.  Peter did not say, “Because you did this, it is over for you and you are doomed to hell”.  Peter told them to repent.  Repent and be baptized because their sins could be forgiven if they would only repent.  Turn from your sin and “Be saved from this perverse generation” (Acts 2:40) who IS going to hell.  The unexpected happened that the people did not get what they deserved.  God offered them His grace.

“Then like a hero who takes our stage when we’re on the edge of our seats saying, ‘It’s too late…’ ..let me introduce you to grace.” ~ MercyMe

trophyThe problem in our society is that all the advertisers and even our government tell us we deserve more and better than we have.  We deserve the newest phone, the biggest TV, etc. We even deserve to be accepted and affirmed exactly how we are.  Nobody has the right to tell us that we need to change, or sacrifice, or repent.  We’re not sinners in need of saving, but we’re good people who have merely made minor mistakes.

God’s Word contradicts what our world says about us.  God’s Word tells us that we are certain sinners deserving death.  But then something unexpected happened.  Instead of demanding payment from us for our sin, God’s Word tells us Jesus paid for it.  And if we will accept this fact by faith, God will bestow upon us forgiveness.  And it’s not because any of us deserve it.  It’s because of the undeserved grace of God.

There’s nothing quite so sad for me as when I talk to someone about Jesus and they say, “I’ve been a good person who led a good life, trying to help when I can.  I am willing to be judged on that.”  When they die, they are going to find something they did not expect.  Their life was not good enough.  Heaven is not entered if your “good side” of the scales outweighs the “bad side” of the scales.  Heaven is entered through the cross.  And that’s unexpected.





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