When Christians fall short


Our guide looking out at the water at Elmina Castle

I’ve been to Ghana in Africa and stood in the room at the Elmina Castle where the male slaves were kept until they were led to a ship to be sent to the Americas.  I’ve stood at the doorway where, no doubt, hundreds of thousands of slaves walked through to be boarded onto the ships.  And there is absolutely no way I can describe to you what that was like.

All through life our paths cross with people with whom we cannot relate to – people who have been abused, suffered incomprehensible loss, battled addictions, been through war, been through financial ruin, divorce, abortions, and the list goes on.  Likewise, nobody knows what you and I have dealt with in our own lives.  I feel confident that we each do the best we can in this life.  However, often times the world sees the bar as being higher for Christians than it is for the people of the world.  And they’re right.  The bar is higher.  The things that are considered acceptable behavior for “the world” are often not acceptable for followers of Jesus.  But there’s a caveat that the world cannot understand and that I cannot explain to them.

I do the best I can as a pastor.  Church people who follow Jesus Christ do the best they can as people who go to church.  Missionaries do the best they can as missionaries.  And to Jesus, the “best we could do” was good enough for us, His followers, today.  By His grace, tomorrow we have this hope that with the help and power of the Holy Spirit we can do better.  And we have a hard time understanding and believing this ourselves, let alone trying to explain this to people who do not believe.

It’s not that I or any other Christians have lived any better or sinned any less than our unbelieving neighbors today, but we have this hope that with God’s help, tomorrow we will.  And we have the assurance in that whatever ways we do fall or have fallen short today, that we are forgiven by the God who died for us on the cross at Calvary.  And only my brothers and sisters can understand this, even if His forgiveness is sometimes hard for us to believe.





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1 Response to When Christians fall short

  1. Steve Austin says:

    I’m so thankful that grace is something we are all given, and all need so desperately. Thanks for sharing. –Steve

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